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Dinner Solved.

It easy for you to discover and cook the best recipes from around the web. With over 10,000 recipes from the best of the web and more added everyday, you can be sure to find something easy and delicous to prepare.

Beautiful Sharing

Share amongst friends. Your family and close friends can comment, smile, laugh, gasp, frown, or love your photos, videos, locations, music, and workouts. Then you can search to rediscover these memories by people, seasons, holidays, and more.

All-in-one Posting

Stay here, post anywhere. Send your Path moments to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumblr. Simply import your photos, statuses, and check-ins from Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare and keep all of your memories in one beautiful place.


Mobile app

Mobile applications usually help users by connecting them to Internet services more commonly accessed on desktop or notebook computers, or help them by making it easier to use the Internet on their portable devices. A mobile app may be a mobile Web site bookmarking utility, Gmail for mobile, and many other applications.



Send push notifications

Deliver instant messages to your customers’ mobile phones whenever you wish. While only 4% to 10% of emails get opened, push notifications get read 97% of the time.


To cover all bases, it is important to recognise that consumers are not using these channels in a mutually exclusive manner. They are using both native applications and browser-based apps, so the best strategy is to develop both types.

Keep customers informed

Fill your app with information about your business, service offerings, product samples, menus, and more. There’s a tab for just about everything you want them to know.

Website Design for Mobile and Computers

A mobile website must run fast and smoothly on every platform. The overall experience of the mobile website should be the same as visiting it on the desktop computers. If a website is less smooth on mobiles as compared to laptops and desktop, it is less likely to gain all the above mentioned benefits. On the other hand, if the website is same and smooth, the visitor would stay for a longer time on your website which increases your ranking.

The online shoppers look for convenience and easy to buy websites.


Daily Deals and Mobile Apps

Due to the high success rate of the Groupon business model, many restaurant owners have decided to launch their own version of the “daily deal.” In the field of restaurant marketing, an effective promotional campaign will in time increasing revenue. One popular channel that business owners have acknowledged as effectively reaching their customers is gaining in popularity as technology innovation continues to expand. Custom branded mobile apps for restaurants, hotels, clubs, salons and more are on the rise and continue to bring the “daily deal” concept for all business owners to life.With a customizable mobile app from AppSuite, features within the app allow for restaurants to showcase deals publicly.

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